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Rarst’s eye.

I have goals. Long-term and short-term goals. One of my short-term goals is to travel to another country at least once per year. I have met this goal every year for four years now. Last week, 2018 was fulfilled with my trip to Iceland. Myself along with 19 other geeks met up in Reykjavik and journeyed inland to The Volcano Huts Thórsmörk.

Me totes not prepared.

As soon as we loaded that Icelandic bus, the adventures began. Having just landed that morning at 06:30, I thought I’d be sleeping on the bus. Alas, no sleep was had as this girl has too much FOMO. Much was to be taken in by my eyes and I didn’t want to miss any of it. Especially the Seljalandsfoss waterfall. We all piled out and ventured to and behind the waterfall. What a sight! But I was not dressed for that in my $10 Target leggings. If only I had read all the communications from Mendel. Then I might’ve been better dressed for the occasion. Next stop was the Gígjökull glacier where a sub-glacier volcano erupted pushing ridiculous amounts of ice and water up and over spewing into the valley below.

Anton & Maria

The journey continued and after crossing a few rivers in our beast of a bus, we arrived at the campgrounds where we were immediately greeted with lunch and a warm fire. Anton & Maria were our hosts for the week and we could not have asked for better hosts. They fit right in with our geekdom and their hospitality was over the top!

The watering hole?

After lunch, the group did not hesitate to settle in (eh, throw their baggage in) our designated rooms and start exploring the grounds. There was plenty to do on the grounds alone. Like relaxing in the natural warm-springs pool or the dry sauna. Cartwheeling on the open fields or swinging on the swingset. Playing guitar around the fire and roasting marshmallows. Of course, most wanted to get right to the trails and hike. And that’s what we did.

A welcoming sight!

In fact, that’s what we did every day. Hiked. Four-hour hikes, six-hour hikes. We did the hikes. And every meal was hot and waiting for us prepared from scratch by Maria. She even went out of her way to accommodate my obnoxious gluten-free, dairy-free, and legume-free diet needs. The evenings completed each day with fire and great company. Sometimes a bonfire, sometimes a small fire. Sometimes games and sometimes night photography. But always contentment.

If you ask me what my favorite part of the trip was, first I’d say, “No.” I’m rebellious. Then I’d say, “The people.” It was definitely the people. About half of us were WordPressers and the other half were from other tech communities. Even out of the WordPress crowd, I only knew Mendel (+ Sarah) and Robbie. I knew of Rarst & Taco. Everyone else I just met for the first time. But after the extended weekend and much breaking of bread together, I can say that I strengthened old relationships, took it to the next level with acquaintances, and kindled something new with those that were strangers. My heart is full.


Mendel, thank you for your vision for Geek Adventures for planning this Iceland trip.
Robby, thank you for your brotherly friendship & putting up with my constant The Wedding Singer quotes.
Sarah, thank you for your smiles and kid-like spirit. I’m so glad we startled Mendel & Jessa.
Rarst, thank you for your up-for-anything spirit & great photographic eye.
Taco, thank you for your fearless leadership on the trails and contagious smile.
Nichola, thank you for being an awesome roommate and your beautiful smile.
Alex, thank you for the nonstop laughs & entertainment!
Alison, thank you for your wonderful storytelling.
Christie, thank you for your nonstop smiles & for organizing your local WordCamp.
Crystal, thank you for your friendliness & wonderful henna-colored hair.
Hari, thank you for your contagious laugh.
Jackie & Akash, thank you for the great conversation & last night of hangs and drinks!
Jamie, thank you for your daily pink representation. You really make that color look good.
Joel, thank you for your immediate friendship and being the best stretching partner.
Kevin & Jessa, thank you for your kindness & entertainment.
Kim, thanks for your calming voice & for ordering two PB shakes. That made my night.
Maureen, thank you for your wonderful smiles & adventurous soul.


I love this.

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