WordCamp Atlanta 2018

Two weeks ago I attended WordCamp Atlanta for the second time. First as an attendee and this time as and this time as a speaker. I gave my WordPress story talk and had a blast doing so! There’s always negative thoughts on giving the same talk multiple times, but confirmation that it is indeed fine to do always comes from the new audience that’s engaged. The support I received during the talk was greatly appreciated! Thank you, #wcatl team, for giving me this opportunity to speak again!


I always love conferences that are held in downtown/urban areas. I got to walk to walk back and forth to the event from my hotel every day. Sometimes in the rain. Umbrellas help. It’s pleasing to see even your normal suburban spots take on an urban design. My heart is definitely in the city.


Clancy & A-a-ron. I forced them to take a picture with me.

Also forced B-Krogs to take an usie.

Of course, my favorite part was connecting with old and new friends! I broke bread every night with many a person. Let me shout out to a few companies present in our WP communities that always engage on a personal level. They are GoDaddy, Bluehost, Pressable, & Jilt. Just to name some. I appreciate their proactiveness in building community #IRL. It makes this girl’s heart smile!


I love oatmeal & granola! 😋

Purdy. Purdy flower.

My trip was extended through Wednesday due to the logistics of my following trip. I walked and explored all of Downtown Atlanta, ventured to the outskirts Georgia State University, and even Eastside Hipsterville (I made that title up). I enjoyed my time working and coffee shop hopping but every night I had human-withdrawals.




Overall I was super pleased with my second visit to the ATL-land. WordCamp was nicely organized and the city life was satisfying!

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