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WordPress AZ representin’ at WCMSP!

Last weekend I attended and spoke at WordCamp Minneapolis/St. Paul. This was my second trip to the midwestern city and I was glad to visit again!

Raquel Landefeld, WordPress, WCMSP

My first talk ever AND at this camp!

One year ago, WCMSP gave me my first opportunity to speak at a conference. It was only fitting to return the following year and I’m so glad I did!

Tessa, me, and Patrick!

First off, I’d like to give a huge shout out to Tessa! She was the head ringleader for WCMSP this year and really did a great job. Thank you, Tessa, for all of your hard work you poured into planning WordCamp!

graduate hotels Minneapolis

The venue was great! The McNamara Alumni Center was an absolute top notch spot.

I truly believe venues are a huge deal for conferences and I was glad WCMSP made this of the utmost importance.And with that, the hotel was amazing!! Oh em jee, I LOVED it! Graduate Hotels have their branding on point. Or maybe I’m just totes their target market, but I don’t care! Graduate Minneapolis had a collegiate/alum brand going on. Even their keycards were branded as student i.d. cards! Oh, it was adorbs! Apparently, there’s a Graduate Hotel in my hometown which I now have to make an excuse to stay at. 😜

raquel landefeld, wcmsp, wordcamp minneapolisI was super please with my talk! Timing worked well, my voice (as it often doesn’t cooperate) was on point, and I really felt engaged with the audience! Check out my slides.

My talks are always about Community. This is still the one message I preach.