WordCamp US 2018 – Nashville, TN

Hello, Manny.

For the second year, I got the privilege of organizing the Community Bazaar for WordCamp US and had a wonderful time!

WordCamp US 2019 had its last year in Nashville, Tennessee this past December. While I love traveling to new and old places, I think I’m fine with not coming back to TN for a good time now. Maybe I just didn’t get to visit the parts of Nashville that are my scene (I’ve heard that East Side is nice), but I’ve had my share of honky tonk bars to last a lifetime. *Disclaimer* I hate country music. 🤷🏻‍♀️😬

Muesli at Crema.

But I do my best to find joy in all places I get to visit so let me mention two places I loved! An amazing coffee shop with perfect espresso and dairy-free mocha sauce called Crema. I could work out of there all – day – erryday – day. And Pinewood Social (which serves Crema coffee 😉). The food and drinks are delicious but the vibes are all right! Just right. Like I like it.

This year I got to room with my WPAZ partner-in-volunteerism, Carol Stambaugh. We stayed at the official WCUS Hotel. This year it was at the Westin and was super close to the venue.

I quit enjoyed the colder weather this year. At times, there was a bit of snow which looked lovely from the rooftop bar at the Westin. Of course, this desert rat still does not like humidity and you could really feel it at times even

My AZ WordPress Queen.

though it was colder. Part of that was because I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off most of the time doing my Community Bazaar thangs.

I was sad to miss my good friend, Shayda. I think this was our first WordCamp US without each other. But I was super glad to see some peeps in the community that I rarely get to see!

We had another great community turnout for the Bazaar! About 13 communities participated IRL and 19 total were featured online!

Sé! One of my first WP friends!

It was really special to talk to other WP communities and hear all about them. How they differ. How they’re similar. I love that! Especially seeing everyone’s swag! I’m even more exited for the Community Bazaar at WCUS 2019 which is coming in hot as we finally pushed the dates back out of December. 😅

Will you be there? I hope so! Apply for your community to be featured! We’ll have a blast together!

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Robby & Taco! My AWG Iceland crew.

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